EURISE Network

European Research Infrastructure Software Engineers' Network

What is the EURISE Network?

The EURISE Network has been formed by the three Social Sciences and Humanities ERICs CESSDA, CLARIN & DARIAH to create an umbrella where research infrastructures meet research software engineers.


The need to apply state of the art industry standards for software development to research software is a core insight.

Best practices

The Technical Reference – a collection of best practices and guidelines for software development – lets us to do more.


Awareness of and consideration for software quality should be part of training and education in all disciplines.


The EURISE network promotes knowledge exchange between experts from different areas of infrastructure development and operation.

Software Engineering

The RSE community is organised in national consortia. It represents software engineers and aims to recognize software as scientific contribution


Long term operation of infrastructures requires sustainable technology – managed through institutionalised knowledge.


Coordination Team

The Coordination Team forms the editorial team for documents maintained by the EURISE Network and is in charge of network organisation and events. The team coordinates dissemination activities and all forms of community engagement.

  • John Shepherdson for CESSDA ERIC
  • Dieter Van Uytvanck for CLARIN ERIC
  • Tibor Kálmán for DARIAH ERIC
  • Sy Holsinger for OPERAS AISBL


This initiative is supported by CESSDA ERIC, CLARIN ERIC, DARIAH ERIC and OPERAS AISBL.